Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ooh la la!!

French is hard, yo.  I'm officially a full time student again.  This will be my last semester at a community college if all goes according to plan (what whaaaat!!).  This is, of course, if I pass my classes this semester, and if I complete my requirements with whatever university I transfer to.  I've been accepted to one out of three schools so far.  *fingers crossed*

Making the decision to go back to school full time was hard, but I'm confident in my choice; my education should be my #1 priority. Did I plan this whole thing out thoroughly before I quit my cushy office job? No.  Did I get my finances in order first? No.  I was impulsive, over-confident, and careless, and I'm paying for it now.  But no one else can earn this degree for me, I have to do it myself.  If I hadn't been impulsive and careless and taken the leap, I wouldn't have discovered who has my back, and I wouldn't have discovered that I CAN do this.

...maybe.  My French professor sent us an email (entirely in French) containing an assignment that was due on LE PREMIER JOUR DE CLASSE!!!!  I'm sorry, an assignment due on the fucking first day?!?  Are you out of your mind?  Apparently Mr. French Prof didn't get the memo that all we do on the first day is go over the syllabus and take role to weed out the superfluous crashers/wait listers.  

Then, there's Biology.  In addition to the lecture, bio has a lab, 3 hours, once a week.  We had a quiz on the first day.  I don't even have the fucking lab manual yet, how the fuck are you expecting to quiz us?!?  There were 4 people out of 22 that already had their manual.  I'm completely ignoring my History class until the book comes in the mail (it's an online class) which will probably bite me in the ass on Saturday when I realize I have a shit ton to do before Sunday.  Oh well.

I will say that although this semester will be challenging, I finally feel like I have my head on straight.  Kinda.  I met up with a classmate to study this afternoon, and might actually have my French homework done before this weekend.  Plus, the professor taught us how to say that we're fucking up what we're trying to say, so at least I can appropriately mock myself...


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